Sunday, February 7, 2010

True Self

Do you have that one friend,or couple of friends, that you can be completely 100% yourself without worrying about what they are going to think about you? I got to hang out today with probably the one person in my life who I can be completely myself with.
Some days I feel like I have a split personality. There is the sweet, girl next door. There is also the real, say what's on my mind, no filter me. Sometimes, most of the time, there is a somewhere in-between girl. Today the no filter me came out. And she had fun!
Let's just say, most of my friends would have been completely offended, possibly appalled, by some of the conversations, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves. Reality hurts sometimes, but it can also be very humorous.
But then the two of us are complete narcissists.

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