Friday, May 21, 2010

Relationship Herpes

It's a horrible metaphor but go with it.

I heard once that glitter is the herpes of crafts, because once you get it on you you can NEVER get them off. I told a friend recently that I was like herpes, and no matter what he did he would NEVER be able to get rid of me(yes, I did just refer to myself as being like herpes). After a lot of laughter over such an absurd comment, we went along with our dinner.

That evening I did a little thinking, which turned into a lot of thinking over the next couple of days. In actuality, our relationship was like herpes. We ended up in each other's lives unexpectedly; we didn't realize at first what we were; we are not necessarily that good for each other, although I'm sure we could live normal lives with each other; and yet we just can't seem to get rid of each other. We have tried, trust me, but time keeps pushing us back into each other's lives.

It's a horrible metaphor, but go with it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Must be the Serotonin

I'm thinking that I must be experiencing higher levels than normal Serotonin. Why you ask? Because, for the last 3 days I have looked at my butt and not though "UGH it's so big!" Yep, I actually have liked my butt. I wore my short shorts on Wednesday, a cute, short summer dress on Thursday, and although I call them my "fat shorts" I did wear them today, only because they are more work appropriate. I'm thinking this is a pretty big positive deal. Now, although it doesn't really matter all that much because one should love one's body no matter what size they are, I know I really shouldn't ever complain about mine. I am not a big girl by any means. Most would consider me to be tiny. I, on the other hand, usually do not. I consider myself "average" and I do not want to be "average." Damn you entertainment industry for making us all feel inferior!!!!

So back to the serotonin. I really don't know much about this hormone at all, but I do know it's produced during the day. I am going to say that I produce more on sunny days, and thus making me feel happier and prettier. Also, all this sun has been doing wonders for my skin! I love that once summer hits I have fewer breakouts!

It's proven that when someone does a simple act of kindness, not only do their serotonin levels increase, but so does the person who is receiving the act of kindness AND anyone who happened to witness the act. Yep, that's a lot of happiness from one simple act. So everyone, enjoy the sunshine where ever you are, and do something nice for someone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dude, it's not stalking...

I found this in a magazine awhile back and thought it was hilarious. I also found an article that said "'Personally,....I believe there are bad people, and God put people here to shoot those people.'" But that is a completely different topic.
So back to the first one. Yes, I am a fan of Chuck, yes it's a horrible tv show, but it's funny. Again, I digress. As a friend put recently, "Twitter acknowledge's what it is, A stalker site. You even "follow" people,but it's ok because this is popular. Stalk me at [his twitter]."
We have become a very scary society of people. We can follow anyone's lives on facebook, twitter, and their own personal blogs. We can find out who our ex is currently dating, where our crush is eating lunch, how a complete stranger's daughter's birthday party went, and all without their knowledge. Sure, some people have privacy settings that keep strangers from this, but for the most part we have allowed a lot of personal information to become public. So how much info is too much?
I remember when we first got the internet at home. My mom was so very strict about what kind of sites I could go to, and what kind of info I could share. Sometimes I wish I had been more careful. Once that info is out there, it's there to stay!
Have you googled yourself? It's kinda scary the info you can get. Now, I'm not famous by any means, but when I googled myself, I can find my twitter, my old blog, 2 of my old jobs, my highschool and university, and a bunch of really bad photos of myself (from when I modelled at a photography school). So basically a LOT more info than I ever thought was out there.

So here's a couple questions for you today: is there anyone out there that you "check on" a little too much? would you want someone to be able to "internet stalk" you?