Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Music Giveaway!!

In case you haven't heard Jen Miller is back in the studio recording a new album. It is sounding amazing!! Do you want to be the first to hear it?! Do you want to win FREE MUSIC?! Of course you do! So here's how you can do it.
1. Become a fan of Jen Miller Music.
2. Go to her YouTube page and choose your favourite video and post it on your facebook or link to it on your twitter. Just make sure you tag Jen Miller Music (or @Jenmillermusic on twitter) so that she knows that you've done it.
And that's it. When it is released you will receive a link to where you can download the VERY FIRST SINGLE off of Jen Miller's new album! AND you will be entered to win a draw for a FREE ALBUM! (2 entries if you post on FB and Twitter!) Let your friends know about the contest and have a good day!

Update: It has been released! And although it is not yet available on itunes, you can listen to it on her myspace or click below! Post your fav video on FB, let her know and you will receive the link to where you can download it!

Find more Jen Miller albums at Myspace Music

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