Thursday, November 11, 2010

30DOT: Wow! You have really beautiful...


Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

It is always the same thing...."wow you have beautiful eyes! Are they real?"
I love my eyes, I do, they are such an incredible blue! But, I really am getting sick of people asking me if my eyes are real. I understand that some people wear contacts, but you can usually still tell if it's fake. And what do you really say to that? "No, I'm blind in both eyes and these are glass eyes!" Which, really, would be quite insensitive of me considering my brother does have a glass eye.
I usually say "yes, these are real." but it just seems like such a strange question to ask someone!
One day these babies are gonna get me a job though, and make me recognizable world round!

Tomorrow: No compliments...


Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. I went to the ceremony at the cenotaph in Victory Square. It was wonderful to see so many people there! and such a wide range of ages!
I am so thankful to all the men and women who have and are currently serving our country. My life would not be the same. Thank you for your commitment. It was wonderful to hear at today's ceremony that we remember and thank the men and women for their sacrifices, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

My grandfather served in Italy during WWII. Although he returned alive, he had been damaged psychologically. One of the great stories that is told about him was that he came across a child German soldier who he told" Get the hell outta here. I don't want to kill you." and then let the kid go. My grandfather wasn't very old when he served either. I unfortunately did not get to meet him, but I thank him for his commitment.

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  1. You do have lovely eyes. I like to shoot them. And I know they're real because you've had 'em your whole life ;-)