Friday, March 5, 2010

"Get Rid of Him" just not yet...

Single life news: ____________.

Yep it's been an exciting couple of weeks! [please note sarcasm]

I actually did have an awesome week visiting my family and friends. It was slightly depressing to see that most of my friends are married/getting married/having babies/buying houses. I know that I am still very young with lots of time ahead of me, but still I wonder sometimes.

Also, I have recently discovered a deeply hidden/pushed down crush that has started to surface. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's not even a possibility at this point for oh so many reasons, but something I have been thinking/praying about.

When I was 15 or 16 a very Godly woman told me that when she was younger, every time she would start dating/becoming interested in someone, she would pray that "if he isn't 'the one' then get rid of him!" When she met her husband she did not want to marry him as he was a friend of her older brother. She kept praying/pleading with God to "get rid of him", but he never left. Now, after 40+ years of being married, they both laugh about it.

I have taken this to heart. I have found that when I remember this little prayer, I usually ignore it, because every time I pray it the guy leaves. Yeah I know, kinda the point, but still not fun. The last 2 times it happened almost immediately, like within a week it goes from bliss to me being confused as to what just happened!

Everything happens in His time. Not mine. Sometimes I wish I could just know the day, time, place where everything is going to be "perfect."

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  1. A great prayer, if I could just find someone to get rid of ;) Gotta remind myself sometimes that I really would rather have no one than the wrong one!