Monday, March 29, 2010

I am Not a Mom

But some days I feel like it.

To pay the bills I am a in home support worker at a group home for youth with autism. It is, as everyone asks me, a "rewarding yet tough" job. Yesterday I threw a birthday party. There were only 11 of us there, but it felt like there were 20+. Trying to get the birthday girl to sit still and stay out of the kitchen was difficult enough, but to also have to keep an eye on the other 2 youth, because I had no idea where the other workers were at times, was just plain annoying. It went well enough. We filled the kids with more sugar than they have had in the last month and surprisingly there were no fights, well two narrowly avoided.
Getting the girls ready for bed last night took far too long for my liking, and when it finally came time for me to crawl into bed I was far too excited! I slept amazingly...until the wind storm and rain woke up one of the girls who ended up staying awake for 4HOURS!!!! because she was scared. Let's just say waking up at 630am this morning was a little difficult. The kids are all at school, and I am so ready for a nap.

I am not a mom, but some days I sure feel like it.

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