Monday, March 29, 2010

Will Attempt to Grow Great Grub

My roommate and I have decided to attempt growing our own veggies and herbs on our balcony. I have been thinking about it for awhile, since my dad is an avid gardner. Karen, over at Chookooloonks, recommended Gayla Trail's, You Grow Girl, new book Grow Great Grub on this post, for growing your own food in a small space. Today as I was walking through Chapters, after surviving a torrential downpour of rain on the way from the car door to the store door, I happened across her book. I was wandering around hoping the rain would stop enough for me to head back to the car and there it was, calling out to me, as a featured book in the aisle. I kinda got a little bit more than a little bit excited! Even though I don't personally know Karen or Gayla, it was almost like seeing a friend's book for the first time. I imagine I will be even more excited when I get Karen's book when it comes out, as I have been following her blog throughout her whole writing/taking pictures process.

So back to the gardening. In the next couple of weeks I have to figure out what I can plant, what kind of planters/soil I need, and then go buy it all. Ultimately I know I will save money/learn something new in the process, but it all seems like so much work right now. First to read this book. I'm excited. Oh and the photos alone are worth the buy!

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