Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Dozen on the Road

The theme is Spring . . . and any other random questions that crept in.

1. What is your favorite sign of Spring?
The smell of a freshly mown lawn!!

2. Did you remember to spring forward on March 14? If not, how did it impact your day?
I did remember. Although I really wouldn't have noticed much either way as my phone is my alarm clock and the time changed on it automatically.

3. If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what vegetable would you plant in a garden this year?
Squash! Butternut and spaghetti! mmm.. and carrots and peas! and yams!

4. If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what fruit would you plant?

5. What is your least favorite insect?
Mosquitos. Not only are their bites incredibly itchy, but they are so annoying! The constant buzzing and always in my face/ears! So not cool!

6. March 22 was World Water Day. To celebrate, here are some water questions. Do you drink bottled water? If so, what brand?
I do, but only if I forget my water bottle (which I fill with tap water). I will buy whatever is the cheapest or whatever is in the size that I want.

7. Have you ever been somewhere that it was not safe to drink the local water? If so, how did you handle that?
We drank and brushed our teeth with bottled water.

8. How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
It really depends on the day. In the summer when I have my water bottle with my all the time, I will drink a couple litres a day. But lately I have been really bad, and my skin is definitely showing it.

9. March 24 is the birthday of Harry Houdini. Have you ever watched a professional magic show? Share.
I have watched a few magic shows that are on the side of the street, in parks, etc. I saw one while I was on the cruise last fall. None of which I would say were "professional" in any sense other than that they were getting paid.

10. Have you ever been a participant in a professional magic show (up on stage!)?

11. March 24 is also the birthday of Steve McQueen and Clyde Barrow. Do you like Westerns or gangster movies? If so, what is your favorite?
I grew up watching Westerns with my dad every Sunday afternoon when we got home from church, before Road to Avonlea and Disney. I have never really been a fan of gangster movies.

12. (Really random) What U.S. state that you've never visited would you like to visit someday?
I have only been to 4 US states: Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and Florida. I would like to go to Oregon, California and New York. Also, Texas.

And that concludes another episode of Random Dozen! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I bought some butternut squash yesterday :) i think I'm going to make soup.