Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April Fool's Day!
Today my Facebook feed was filled with "big news" from many friends!

"WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!! Pam just showed me the test!!!!!"
"Well, Brent jumped the gun so phonecalls shall follow shortly!"

This from a couple who have vowed never to have children, thanks to a little "snip snip" they hope to keel that vow.

"Happiest day of my life!"

followed by relationship status change to "engaged

This from my ex who I had been hanging out with last night!

"Poor Martina, shoulda never let Jasmyn drive her...."

This from a mom who LOVES her car!

"had a shotgun wedding tonight. Nothing like a bun in the oven to get a guy to commit!"

This from me. I had a few people confused, but most know me and knew it was a joke.

"has fallen for every april fools joke so far today, even the facebook relationships status changes."

And this from a poor friend who I guess didn't realize what day it was.

How about you? Did you do anything horrible/funny today?

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  1. Haha yeah on Pam and Brent's a few people were like, "Knowing what we know..." :P Thankfully I didn't fall for anything this year. Once my older sister posted something about being pregnant, and I asked her about it, and when she said it was just a joke, I said "Good! Because if you ARE, I sure as heck better know before FACEBOOK!" :P