Monday, April 19, 2010

Uncontrollable Laughter

Teenage girls are hilarious.

Have you ever just sat and listened to them talk? It's kinda amazing. I was on the train with my roommate today when 2 girls sat down behind us. Their conversation went something like this:
"Suzy* is going to be late, because she has to go for a run."
"Why is she running? Isn't she skinny?"
"She has HUGE love handles - [sees guys in front of us with a box of Cinnamon toast crunch] OMG I LOVE CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH! No like seriously I LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch! - So Anna is coming to the party"
"Ugh she's going to be hanging all over Josh"
"No I don't think Josh is going to be there."
"Josh not at a party, like ya right!" ...............

It was such a random conversation jumping back and forth from this party, to cereal, to absolutely everything.

The amazing eavesdropped conversations continued all evening. At dinner we sat beside the guy who apparently came up with the idea for the Inukshuk symbol for the 2010 Olympics. He was having a "meeting" which I think had something to do with advertising, event planning or Olympic pin trading. Either way, all 3 came up and in the pins...including one that lit up...and they were both so excited....and loud.

Teen girls, pin traders and an "old" Asian man...and that story I just cannot tell.

Have yourselves a great night, morning, day, whatever it is where you are reading, and go have yourself a laugh.

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