Friday, July 9, 2010

the old fashioned way

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I have recently acquired a beautiful blue leather bound journal and have been journaling (why is that not a word?) the old fashioned way.

So what is new? In random list form:
1. SUMMER IS HERE! Finally! So happy! Words cannot describe the way I feel! Serotonin is coursing through my brain!
2. I have funny tan lines from my sneakers. Usually I have flipflop lines, but this year I bought these cute Converse slip on shoes so i have a funny line on the top of my feet. It makes me happy.
3. Yesterday for work I went swimming and hung out in the sun.
4. Last week I went to Playland. For free. Because my work is kinda awesome sometimes like that.
5. Today I'm going to the beach. I plan on eating ice cream too.
6. I have been going through a few sermon series from NewSprng Church based out of Anderson, South Carolina. I really like that if I am working and can't make it to church I can check out their live stream on Sundays and can watch old sermons too. The first one I watched was "Don't Get Married Until..." It was really good. I recommend it to all - single or married.
7. 7 is my favourite number.
8. I think I am finished for now. Have yourself a wonderful day!


  1. aww shucks *blush* thanks.
    I did have ice cream today. Deep dish apple pie ice cream! sooo yummy!
    I also had "the best" fish and chips. The sign lied. It was definitely not the best!