Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poetry Out of Boredom

Last night I got bored, so I wrote a little something. It went like this:

I'll dye my hair. I'll change my clothes.
I'll stand up straight, go with the flow.
I'll wear a dress and even heels.
I'll dance all night no matter how I feel.
I'll be the best above the rest,
And yet I find I'll change my mind.
I'm too white and too fat,
And I look funny in a hat.
My nose is too cute and my skin not clear.
There is far too much in my rear!
I'll never be perfect I've realized.
There's too many standards and too many lies.
I'll accept myself as I am
If you don't like it?
Well, I don't give a damn!

Oh and I updated my look. So if you are reading from a reader come to the actual site. :) Let me know what you think. I like it :D

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