Sunday, November 14, 2010

30DOT: T.Swizzle

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Taylor Swift,

As much as I hate to say it, I used to not be able to stand your music. I don't especially like your first album, but I must say your last 2.5 have really been enjoyable.

A dear friend introduced me to your Fearless album when I was having a particularly bad experience with a boy. She felt I should listen to the album, especially one song, "Hey Stephen," and after listening to a few more, and then eventually the whole album, I fell in love. You seemed to put exactly what I (and most likely every other 13-30+ single female) was feeling into all of your songs. I began listening to the album over and over, and can actually put a person to almost all of the songs. Fifteen & Forever and Always: my high school sweetheart. Breathe: my "college" sweetheart. Hey Stephen & You Belong with Me: my summer fling. Seriously, how did you get into my head?! Oh and I can't forget that this album now also reminds me of Florida! It played EVERYWHERE while I was there!

Speak Now:
I was very excited for this album to be released. Truth be told, I was a little wary after you released those not so awesome additional 6 songs on Fearless Platinum, but was pleased with this new album. Although I haven't "lived" as many of these songs, I love them.
I have been in a Speak Now situation, but I stayed home instead of speaking out, and it was the right decision! What a mistake that would have been! Haunted....oh haunted. Better than Revenge, The Story of Us: my 'one who got away'. Enchanted: smiles...that's a bit of a current smile :)

You have this wonderful ability to tell a story through your music. So thank you on behalf of all women who listen to you. You have told our story, and helped us feel not as alone as we feel.

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  1. She does manage that, doesn't she? It makes me feel a bit young when I relate to hers haha.