Monday, November 15, 2010

30DOT: Fallen Hero and Facebook

Since I missed one day and these work together:

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

Dear Facebook,

When I first discovered you in my first year of university, I was expecting you to be just another MySpace, Hi5, and ummm whatever those other pages were, but you were different. You didn't allow for expression of individuality with your one colour option and lack of music and glittery add -ons (THANK YOU!). You did have lots off different applications though: quizzes, photos, videos, super walls, and games. You enabled me to stay in touch with everyone from my past, present and future. I had a place to show my friends and family what I was up to, both with statuses and photos. I could share that I was in a new relationship. I could share about how awesome our dates were. I could share how classes were going...or weren't going. I could easily find all this information and more about my "Facebook friends." I soon discovered that you were a much better form of procrastination then reading non school related books, playing online games and The Sims 2.

It's been 6 years, and I must say that I have enjoyed you. You have gotten me in contact with people I never stayed in contact with, some for a reason. I was not friends with people in high school who threatened me regularly for a reason, why would I want to be "Facebook Friends" with them now. You have also made it easier for people to stalk me. My privacy settings are as private as I can get them, and yet people still manage to find me. Not cool. I have accepted this as something I will have to deal with in trade for your other better qualities, but you keep changing your privacy settings and make it harder and harder for me. I have almost deleted you so many times! Almost....but then I would lose all the progress on my Farmville, which is a very sad fact in itself.

I spend too much time on you. My life is no longer as private as it once was. I know at some point I will probably delete you, but that time is not yet. I am too dependent on you. I mean, who even asks for email addresses or phone numbers anymore?! It's usually "Are you on Facebook?" "Yeah I am search for 'Lucy Lee'" "Sweet I'll add you when I get home/right now on my iPhone." "Yay we'll be friends forever!" Ok so maybe not quite, but you know what I mean.

Anyway this past month I was disconnected from the internet and have rediscovered the joy of reading, albeit what I'm reading is not great literature it is entertaining. I will not be seeing you as much unless my phone happens to be near a free WiFi (yeah yeah I know, I read the news: hackers etc.) or I get that incredible urge and use my 3G. Damn you iPhone!

Now where is that homework....

Tomorrow's truth: Living Without

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