Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday! #2

When was your first date? You can choose either your first date ever or your first date with your spouse - or both! How old were you?
I was 15. He was home from university for Christmas break. I had to ask my parents if I could go, because I was not yet 16.

What did you do/where did you go?
We went for lunch.

Did anything memorable - either good or embarrassing?
I remember the incredible butterflies that were going through my tummy leading up to and during when he met me and gave me a hug :) That day a local company was having a lunch meeting and one of the ladies was getting out of her car, saw us, whistled and said "get a room!" I was pretty embarrassed!

If it was your first date ever, did you continue to date that person? If so, how long?
No we never went on another date. Our fathers work together, and although I don't know what he said, my father said something to his father that scared him away. I did end up going on a few dates with his best friend years later though.

If you are sharing the story of the first date with the person you married, did you know then that he/she was "the one" or did it take a longer for love to bloom?
Any other memories you wish to share about those wonderfully awkward first dates?!
Most of my relationships have begun after being friends first, so generally the first actual date is kinda awkward as we move from friends to more.


  1. Enjoyed reading your memories! Ahh, those protective dads of daughters!

  2. Thanks for sharing the memories! Have a great weekend.

  3. Not just dads are protective. My mom found a very different (but just as effective) way of scaring off not the boys, but me! She'd get on the phone with my aunt and they'd figure out how I was related to my "date". LOL That's what happens when you live in a really small community; everyone is related, even if it was only a third cousin twice removed. hahahaha I didn't date much in high school because of that.